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Design Systems

Design systems are ideally much more than mere component libraries. They should bring together what belongs together: branding, design, code, visual and integration examples, guidelines, best practices, and comprehensive documentation, all unified in one place.

However, the design system should not just be built. It also needs to be actively maintained, further developed, and established within the company. In larger organizations, building a design system involves not only bringing together work from various disciplines, but in most cases also involves finding new team organizations and collaboration processes.

Ultimately, the organization benefits long-term from the achieved standardization. When the design system is consistently applied across all digital channels, the user experience is significantly unified, especially for end users. Particularly, individuals who rely on assistive technologies benefit greatly when the controls behave consistently across all websites and web applications of the company.

However, as a company, the design system not only helps us improve the perception of the brand in the digital world. Once a control element is centrally designed and implemented in an accessible manner, all subsequent teams that use the control element as recipients benefit. This distributes expertise within the organization and can also save costs.

How we can support

  • We support you in the conception and implementation of a new design system.
  • We provide consulting services for your design system.
  • We carry out implementation work for expanding an existing design system.
  • We evaluate the accessibility of the code implementations in your design system.

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