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Web Performance (Monitoring)

We see web performance as key enabler towards a sustainable IT. Web Performance is also often times the key factor when it comes to SEO, good Core Web Vitals scores and an outstanding customer experience for your end users.

We can help you analyse and fix performance bottlenecks on existing platforms. In fresh projects we can provide and/or guide architecture decisions and setup a comprehensive Frontend Performance monitoring. We can help you find and define your custom performance metrics. Our strongest frontend performance monitoring experience comes from one of the industry’s most respected tool “SpeedCurve”. We are confident to adopt, should you already have a different tool in place. We also bring a strong experience in working with Image Content Delivery Networks, which are essential nowadays to ensure an excellent customer experience and a minimal ecological footprint.

What we can do for you

  • We accompany architectural decisions to avoid the emergence of performance problems in the first place.
  • We detect and analyze web performance issues on existing platforms/sites.
  • We provide Coding work according to web performance best practices.
  • We can run a performance audit for you.
  • We can setup and operate a frontend performance monitoring.
  • We can setup an image CDN configuration and the corresponding asset handling.

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