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Sustainable Digitalization & Carbon Aware Computing

We are currently experiencing a significant global shift towards both sustainability and digitization - the so called twin transformation - a dual transformation with immense potential as well as risks.

Running the Internet and its infrastructure requires massive amounts of energy and water. For this reason, going 'digital' does not automatically mean going 'green'. The source of energy and how we build digital products have a massive impact on how much greenhouse gas emissions they create. And it is not only the location that plays a role in carbon aware computing, but also the time at which certain tasks are carried out.

We help you evaluate appropriate hosting solutions and build sustainable and resource aware websites & digital products. Since modern web development offers a wide range of ways to craft a website, we do not offer a one size fits all solution. Our long lasting experience will help us to work with you to define the most suitable, sustainable and resource-efficient approach for your case. And let's not forget that more sustainable products often come with cost savings.

Digital technologies can serve as powerful facilitators; however, they simultaneously pose threats to the environment due to high energy consumption during operation, much of which relies on non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels. Consequently, moving digital products to areas harnessing abundant clean energy sources while performing computationally intensive tasks in regions rich in renewables is crucial for mitigating adverse ecological impacts.

What we can do for you

Green IT and Carbon Aware Computing are just beginning to establish themselves as a discipline. The same largely applies to the concepts and frameworks that enable the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from digital services, making them measurable and comparable. We closely monitor their development with great attention. As proponents of sustainable IT practices we are more than willing to share our knowledge and provide support in the architecture and implementation of software with minimal emissions.

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